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How do you feel about your current visual identity? Is your presence noticed in the market? What do your customers think about your brand?

We're not only designing logos, but we're also building brands. We have worked with big and small businesses as branding professionals to produce products that are powerful, meaningful and designed for maximum exposure. We provide a complete branding package and style guide that allows you to generate consistent, on-brand advertising collateral.

visually unique - our services branding visually unique - our services branding


Any designer can create a logo yet, how relevant will that logo be to your business presence? It's essential to have a good understanding of how your visuals are represented to your audience. We focus on the essence of your professional journey and apply the right look and feel, as we work with you to develop a reliable brand that will evolve with your business growth.
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These days it is the most viable tool for your business. And, at the same time, without a plan, your website will just have a presence. For some, they are content, but for those who are seeking to gain a broad audience, both local and globally, we can help you achieve this. Our websites are built with the user and client in mind. Our focus is on both UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience), creating sites that are simple to update and use. All of our websites are SEO compliant, and we work collaboratively with both SEO and Lead Generation professionals to help you maximise exposure online.
visually unique - our services - packaging visually unique - our services - packaging


So what is digital media? Anything that you see online on your mobile phone and TV advertising is being sent to you in a digital format. No printing involved. The marketing focuses on your sensors and emotions. We seek more visual stimulation across all of our interaction touchpoints, especially on the Internet. Visually Unique can support you with any online campaigns for social media, video, broadcast and large format digital signage as seen on the motorways.
visually unique - our services - catalogue visually unique - our services - catalogue


Why do we still print? With the age of the computer, it was believed that printing would rapidly decline. Regardless, the tactile and impressive finish of a well-designed catalogue can help boost sales. A majority of shoppers go online, but having tangible touchpoints to increase awareness of your brand, product and services with lead to more inquiries and sales. Visually Unique can accommodate your business in building your printing collateral with speed, accuracy and efficiency.
visually unique - our services - annual reports visually unique - our services - annual reports


It's all about the numbers. How do you turn financial figures into a document that has substance and maintains the reader's attention? Starts with the brand and manifests throughout the report. Visually Unique can support your Company Annual Report to provide the relevant information for the shareholders with stunning visual results.
visually unique - our services - signage visually unique - our services - signage


Does signage make a difference? Once again, what sort of image do you want potential clients to see? When you have branded signage, it is well spaced and tells people what you do, it makes it easier for inquiries and potential customers to find you. Visually Unique can help you with all your signage requirements, large or small.
visually unique - our services - stickers visually unique - our services - stickers


How can I use stickers for my business? Visually Unique create labels for different projects. Some of our clients require stickers for electrical compliance, others for exposure in dark places - glow stickers, on windows and especially car wrapping. Whatever your requirements, talk to us in discovering all of the possibilities in how we can use adhesive marketing for a purpose while having less impact on the environment.
visually unique - our services - packaging visually unique - our services - packaging


When is packaging necessary? When you open a product's packaging for the first time, it can be an experience that is remembered. Like-minded customers will share this moment online and through word of mouth. Imagine the awareness potential for your brand. Now, compare that to a great product, that was sent in unbranded box board packaging. If you want to create impressive impacting results for your product, talk to us, and we will work with you to disrupt the market with your presence.
visually unique - our services - office stationery


Consistency is the key. Your office stationery needs to have a uniformed presence. If your business card is using different fonts from your emails footer and letterheads, this would be an ideal time for you to get in touch with Visually Unique. We will ensure that your branding makes a statement across all of your office collateral.
visually unique - our services - video / motion design visually unique - our services - video / motion design


Go beyond static ads. With faster Internet speeds and new software tools, anyone can now upload a video or animated clip promoting their products. We have influencer's who make a living from selling other peoples brand. Understanding video and how to apply it for your market is crucial. The aim is to keep the viewer watching till the end and not leaving within a few seconds. Visually Unique can help you create videos that will captivate your audience.
visually unique - our services - merchandise visually unique - our services - merchandise


Make your brand seen everywhere. The world has become a smaller place and affordable to market your presence globally. Merchandising your brand for your customers can lead to more future business, as you have a tangible item that is constantly reminding them of your existence. Talk to us about your future promotional and merchandising requirements and we will be happy to work with you in creating marketing collateral that leaves a memorable impression.
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