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Digital Media Advertising

We have seen an expansion of digital ads in our daily lives with the advent of digital media. Animated or motion videos created by studios and D.I.Y. influencers have replaced printed advertisements. Our inboxes quickly overflow with static and animated digital junk mail, and online adverts may be found in news broadcasts, social media, and online movies. It’s all about raising brand recognition in the digital realm to generate leads and sales. Depending on the target audience and how well the digital message is created and received, the effect can be either damaging or optimistic.

The advantages of digital media include: not using paper because no printing was required; the potential for millions of people to see your advertisement worldwide dependent on how influential you are on social media; the turnaround time to create a social media post is quick; the digital advert does not have to be static and can be animated, video, or filled with motion effects; and the digital advert does not have to be fixed and can be animated, video, or motion video.

Imagine seeing your advert displayed on massive freeway billboards, bus stops, or even shopping malls where traffic is constantly passing by every day, attracting new and potential customers to become part of your fanbase. The opportunities for more exposure become endless, with the same advert playing nationwide or globally.

Visually Unique can assist you with digital advertising on all devices and media streams. We’ve edited films to market your products and services while enthralling your audience to generate leads and purchases. We have helped many clients with in-store and online digital advertising to maximise their presence, increasing their brand identity to local and global viewers.

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