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Promotional Products | Merchandise

With hundreds of options and promotional products to choose from, you can brand your promotional and merchandise items, which aids in spreading the word about your business whilst making your look more professional.

Tradeshows and events are constantly giving away free items in branded tote bags as they want to create an awareness campaign that will help people identify with their goods and services. At times the merchandise can be so simple that it can spark a sale. A pen or notepad, branded with the company logo, has created intrigue and deals.

Visually Unique has experience creating artwork for promotional items to recognise your brand exposure instantly. Now that we have grabbed the customer’s attention, how will they contact you? Having contact details on merchandising is once again vital, whether this be a phone number, email, or website address.

Your promotional items will look great, and at the same time, the opportunity will exist to generate leads and sales.

We can support your business with products suited for your customer base or target audience. The most common promotional items to use for branding and promoting your business are:

• Tote Bags
• Pens
• Mugs
• Shirts
• Hoodies
• Towels
• External Hard Drives
• Key Rings and Lanyards
• Novelty Items
• Caps and Hoodies
• Hi-Vis Work Wear

Visually unique can provide you with all of your branded promotional merchandise requirements in a timely and dependable manner. Our competitive pricing allows us to offer you great discounts and deals on most promotional products, offering you savings working within your budget. We provide a comprehensive choice of branded and promotional items in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact us to discover how we can accommodate your next promotion.

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