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Catalogue Design

Unique Catalogue design can play a key role in a marketing campaign.

We live in a digital era, yet most of us still rely on paper for our reading material because of our habits and senses. Catalogues are available in both printed and digital formats. Both have their functions, and both mediums have a place in the world.

The benefits of having a unique catalogue design are that it can help increase sales, redirect your customers to see more details online via QR codes, attract new potential customers and reconnect with current clients, and increase brand awareness, convenience and accessibility.

When you use catalogues for marketing your business, you can immediately inform your target audience about your services or products. Without a mobile or desktop device, the user can interact with the catalogue to identify a specific item of interest for purchase or enquiry.

Let your catalogues speak for itself.

Contact us today for all your catalogue design requests.

Searching for the same product can be done via online services. Having a catalogue handy allows the reader to quickly locate a specific item if needed.

Customers are drawn to printed catalogues because they can learn about a product rapidly. How many printed catalogues and brochures do you notice when you walk through the shopping mall? Stores such as Electronic retailers selling their latest TV or releases or new products coming in the next few weeks? The message that you receive whilst perusing the catalogue is instant and evokes an emotion of interest. Back home, if your interest turns into a purchase, you contact the retailer and place an order over the phone or through the retailer’s website.

The paper catalogue enables companies to forge their brand image and position themselves by employing appropriate layouts related to their digital graphic trademark.

If you want to build on your brand awareness and increase your product exposure with printed catalogues, talk to visually unique as we can assist from the conceptual design to the completed printed product.

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