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Video Editing and Motion Design

Sometimes printing cannot visually portray the messaging of your products and services. A static image might not give the intended target audience enough information, resulting in a non-return investment campaign strategy. It is essential to make an impacting statement with a little more detail that educates and entices the viewer to want more information about your offering.

Visually Unique offers video editing and motion design as a way to help your customers know more about your business, products and services. We work with you to develop the story of your message, script and storyboard the journey, ensuring we all agree that the video will target specific audience interests and possibly become potential leads as new customers and clients.

We want to ensure that the final video impacts and creates a conversation with you. The message can accelerate to a global audience, primarily through different social media channels.

Whether live or motion design, creating a video takes time and is an intricate process built on many layers. Besides filming the video, sound and lighting play a significant part in the final product. The branding and tone of the colours are also an essential part of the production process. Let’s also not forget the subtle elements during post-production, where cuts need to follow the storyline and transitions need to be smooth to keep the viewer interested.

Our process before any video creation begins.

visually unique - script writing
Script Development

Without a destination, we have no path to follow. Having a script will help visually unique understand the customer journey, asset creation and the visual direction. 

video editing - storyboard

With the completed script, we begin working on the storyboard to help us create a step-by-step process of the final video production, primarily how each scene is filmed, and how it matches the script timing.

video editing - asset creation
Brand Asset Building

When filming for your company or business, we want to ensure that we are also capturing the elements of your brand so your audience can identify with your product. Asset creation, especially motion design videos, can be intricate, dependent on how different each scene is. Once the assets are created, should the client wish to change the video slightly and re-edit scenes, having the assets already made will speed up the workflow for quicker turnaround and delivery of the final video production.

video editing - filming
Filming and Production

We have a great script, a professional narration recording, the storyboard and all of our assets made. Filming scenes begin in either live or motion design videos. This process can take a few days to approximately 4-8 weeks to complete.

video editing - post production
Post Production

It’s time to edit and enhance the video, focusing on the storyline to match the script and storyboard: Colour enhancement, titles, VFX, and branded elements during the post-production process. 

video editing - product delivery
Video Delivery

Reviewing the video with the client and updating their recommended changes, we deliver the final product, a video created for broadcast, online and in-house formats. The client will use one of the formats for tradeshows, social media, and office.

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