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Flyers / Brochures

When we think of flyers, we typically think of the constant barrage of junk mail that arrives in our mailbox. As we dig through the mail, we may encounter a flyer or two that captivates our interest. Hopefully, from the supplier’s perspective, we will take the flyer inside and study it thoroughly before calling their office to schedule an appointment or purchase their goods or services.

Visually Unique aims to make sure that the flyers and brochures we create, accurately reflect your business brand to the intended target audience. We design both flyers and brochures that adhere to brand requirements so that your logo and brand identification are immediately recognised. The product or service’s messaging is clearly displayed, and contact information is easily accessible.

Purchasing flyers or brochures may be a pricey endeavour. At Visually Unique, we want you to get the most out of your marketing dollars by generating leads and recurring business. We can not only design and layout your flyers in a unique way, but we can also print them at competitive pricing.

When you require a flyer or brochure for a campaign, we’ll need a few things before getting started.

  • Content – you may need a professional copywriter to assist you to come up with the correct phrases for your business at times.

  • Photographs – we prefer high-resolution images, and we’ll always let you know if they’re low-resolution to print.

  • Branding Logo and Style Guide – We want to ensure we’re following your brand’s style guide, so we’ll need to stick to the specified rules and boundaries to maintain consistency.

  • Fonts – We may not have the same typeface you use for your branding collateral. To develop your design material, you will need to provide us with the fonts used for your branding. We will not share your typefaces with other organisations; this is only for you.
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