Static is dead!

The core aim of the websites we build these days, is to make sure the end user has the flexibility to manage their own site, the site is modern and it can be found via search engines.

Visually Unique consult with the client to find the best solutions and requirements for their Internet presence. No matter how much content is required, we always prefer our clients to opt for a Custom Managed System (CMS). Having a system in place that works, saves time and ensures that the content is updated on a frequent basis. We find our clients tend to get more involved with their site when they can upload images and content whenever they choose, without having to wait on the developers to do the udpates.

We don't build websites based on templates, we create the design and the functionality for the site from the ground up. We use our own CMS system(s) according to the platform required and customise the system to work for the clients specifications. The whole system is SEO compliant and does not need regular updates as the common free CMS systems available which are also full of security and bugs.

We pride ourselves on building the best Web presence possible for our clients. A good website will encourage visitors to discover more about your company leading to more communication and sales. These days your presence is competing globally, and the first instance of a visitor to your site needs to be captivated by what they see, how quick the site loads and accessible to finding the information they require.

Our developers have the ability to meet any programming challenge and create our sites with responsive functionality so it is easily accessible on tablet and mobile devices. Furthermore we can also integrate the site to work with any app.

If your website seems out of date and needs to be modernised with a better system put in place, don't hesitate to give us a call (02) 8678 9859.