Visually Unique's aim is to produce creative compelling and engaging explanatory videos for just about anyone and anything. We have completed numerous videos from night clubs to major exhibitions and even for TV. We understand broadcast quality and working with the studios to provide formats they require. Our enjoyment in producing videos is pushing the boundary of creativity. Special effects is a tedious but enjoy process and the final outcome is mesmerising.

Here is the process that we use to create a video for our clients:

  1. Script Development
    First things first, want to get an idea of what you are thinking for your video, so we will sit down with you and ask you a series of questions. Don’t panic, these are simple questions about your project which helps us have an idea of what visual elements needs to be created. Typical questions ask about style, desired results, length, and deadline. We’ll also have follow-ups, so that we can complete the script-concept development. This is a vital process as it helps us determine the structure to each frame of the video elements. This process will go back and forth until the script is finalised.

  2. Design Concept Development
    We will create some non-animated visuals for you to review. These visuals will help determine the look and layout for the video.

  3. Storyboarding
    Very important step as the storyboard, no matter how basic or detailed will help all parties see the results from start to finish. It also helps with time and the vision of the project. Eliminates going tangent. The storyboard is flexible and added areas can be added or deleted.

  4. Voiceover
    We work with professional sound engineers who have also worked on hollywood films. Whether you require a female or male voice, deep or soft we can cater for your requirements.

  5. Production
    This is where we pull everything together. We’ll animate and perform the composition of the stop-motion animation. We’ll produce the first complete version and send you a link to get your feedback. We’ll then submit the final animation in any resolution you need.

  6. Online or Digital format
    Since the DVD disc is becoming obsolete, all videos these days are provided in digital format. We can upload your final video to youtube or your website and also provide you with an array of formats for your archiving.