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Working in this industry requires some downtime to escape the usual and turn the stuff in your head, into the unusal. Even we need to escape at times, and thankfully, we can do this with a pencil and a piece of paper.      [find out more ...]

2014 Year in Review


The previous year was extremely busy with additional work on design and websites which required more attention to detail and customised specifications. These challenges were met and enabled us to extend our capabilities and increase our knowledge and experiences to p  [find out more ...]

Completed and launched Platinum Flooring Solutions Website. Check it out at  [find out more ...]

Eloy Morales


Check out the hyper-realism painting by this artist. AMAZING!!!!   [find out more ...]

Stalingrad VFX


Stalingrad VFX As we move towards do a few short films this year, our research on the VFX of how things work in the movies brought us to the Stalingrad movie VFX breakdown. The video is about 8 minutes, its pretty impressive and shows an abundance of Hollywood secrets. At the momen  [find out more ...]

2014 seems to be the year where we will see leaps and bounds in the realm of artistic art. With new advanced and faster gadgets to aid the communicative design and developer, we will not only see an array of colour and design, we will see an evolution of new art emer  [find out more ...]