2014 seems to be the year where we will see leaps and bounds in the realm of artistic art. With new advanced and faster gadgets to aid the communicative design and developer, we will not only see an array of colour and design, we will see an evolution of new art emerging. For now the devices are actively tied with the mac or pc, but as we progress forward, the tablet system will supercede the need to be chained to more than one computer, especially if you are a digital illustrator.

For the past 5 years Visually Unique has worked with the Pen Wacom tablet and in all honesty it improved work speed considerably. In 2014 we are hoping to advance another level forward and setting our sites on investing in new technology such as the Cintiq tablet. As we delve more into our artistic talents, after watching this youtube video, you'll understand our need to push forward with this technology.